About Us

Energy & Carbon Solutions is a unique team with a combined 40 years’ industry experience in consulting, engineering and project management for large multi-site clients. Formed in 2001, we have a proven track record of achievement based on the successful implementation of over 300 projects nationally.

We have overseen the formation of more than 500,000 NSW IPART ESC’s for industrial lighting, air compressors and other applications resulting in more than $10m in funding provided to our clients to deliver energy savings projects, and have successfully implemented 7 AusIndustry “Clean Technology Investment Programme” (CTIP) projects resulting in $2m of project funding for energy savings.

This included a World First achievement in AB Mauri where HPM VSD centrifugal blowers were installed in a Yeast Blowing application, saving 38% of the energy and consequent carbon footprint.

In 2015 members of our team earnt the title “Certified Measurement & Verification Professional”, allowing us to develop NSW IPART ESC’s and associated verification reporting for our clients using the IPART PIAM&V methodology. And in 2017 we became a “Westpac Accredited Partner” and “ANZ Accredited Partner”, allowing our clients to access $2.2 Billion in Clean Energy Finance Funding (CEFC), resulting in lower upfront cost, cash flow positive solutions.

Our Credentials

Membership of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritages Energy Saver Panel

Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) under the NSW IPART Energy Saving Certificate Program

Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP’s), registered by the World EVO

Membership of the Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Assosciation

Membership of the Energy Efficiency Council

Membership of the Clean Energy Council

HACCP Certified (Food Grade)

AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety

Our Commitment

We are Safety Focused

  • We have a Zero Harm culture embedded in people, suppliers & contractors
  • We know safety will play a fundamental role in our future success 

We Partner With You

  • We are open and transparent
  • We treat and respect your money / business as if it is our own
  • We develop bonds for long term partnerships
  • We are always available

We are Professional

  • We are honest and act with the utmost integrity
  • We are professional in all aspects of our business
  • We value and respect feedback and are constantly improving

We are Responsible

  • We listen to you and seek to understand
  • We under promise and over deliver on expectations
  • We are hard working and dedicated to you
  • We deliver value with consideration to shorten return on investment

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