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We are Australia’s leading integrated energy solution provider and now provide commercial energy analysis.
Our extensive knowledge & experience with government grants and funding programs for over 15 years, means we will recommend and implement the most efficient system for your business.

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Why Energy & Carbon Solutions

Integrated Service

Energy & Carbon Solutions provides a fully integrated service encompassing renewable technologies, improved efficiency through new technologies and energy reduction, as well as co-generation. Through this we are able to offer the right solution for your individual business case, and deliver increased reductions in energy costs, consumption and carbon footprint.

Industry Specialists

Our team of Industry Specialists, Consulting Engineers and Project Managers are dedicated to delivering reductions in both operating costs and carbon footprint for your business. We are fully independent, guaranteeing the most energy efficient solution to every project, and meticulously audit, design and build each project according to your needs and desired outcomes.


Reputation for Delivery

Energy & Carbon Solutions provides world-class energy reduction and generation alternatives to Australian businesses across a range of industries. Since 2001 we have successfully implemented of over 300 projects nationally, and have a proven track record of service and delivery across all phases of our projects. You can view our case studies for examples and testimonials from satisfied clients.

How We Work


Complete an Energy Review to determine where efficiencies can be made to maximise results


Propose an integrated energy solution which targets inefficient processes and addresses your energy requirements


Access government grants and funding programs to reduce upfront costs and project payback


Our in-house team installs the proposed system at a time convenient to your business

What our Clients Say

Edwin, with Energy and Carbon Solutions, presented us with practical can-do solutions… Energy and Carbon Solutions explained it simply and made it happen.

In the last eight months, we have gone further with our sustainability and energy objectives than in the last five years with other energy consultants.

Elaine Dickson

National Environment and Sustainability Manager, Baiada

…the led lighting has transformed the area from a dull yellow to an almost daylight environment. This has stopped the need for additional spotlights, which the operators have been utilising due to poor lighting. It has reflected in cost savings, not only for the running of the lights, but removing the need for costly spotlights and time wasted looking for them…the difference alone in the light levels more than compensates for any costs involved…I thank you and your team for this amazing transformation and as you have experienced already I am more than happy to recommend your service to anyone.

Ross Bolth

Managing Director, Maxwell Engineering

We are very pleased with the final outcome of this upgraded lighting project; lowered carbon footprint, lowered maintenance cost, lowered energy cost and increased light levels. The project Energy & Carbon Solutions undertook was turnkey and the entire teams approach to safety and their professionalism throughout the process made for a successful project. We have no hesitation in working with or recommending Energy & Carbon Solutions in the future.

Stephen Brown

Facilities Manager, APAC

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