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Consultancy and implementation of energy efficient and carbon reduction projects has become a major subset of Industry in Australia and worldwide, as businesses recognise the benefits of energy efficiency in reaching their financial and sustainability targets. With the global focus on Climate Change has come a shift in industry toward environmentally sustainable solutions that focus on resource use, waste management and efficient products and systems.

The NSW Government provides financial incentives for organizations to reduce their energy consumption and invest in energy saving projects through the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). This competitive edge given by Government funding assists businesses in conserving resources, cutting down costs and boosting productivity.

As part of our tailor-made solution, our team at Energy & Carbon Solutions will purchase Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) on your behalf. This means real savings for your business which contributes to national targets for reducing carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency in Industry

Energy efficiency is important in building sustainable industry and businesses Australia-wide. Efficient solutions maximise investment value and cut down on waste and costs. Manufacturing in Australia has been a priority of the Federal and State Governments for several decades, and sustainable energy is the key to moving industry forward in a competitive global marketplace. There are state-by-state schemes in place to support your business in upgrading to sustainable energy solutions. Get in touch today to learn how Energy & Carbon Solutions can maximise your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon emissions.

Our Program Experience

  • NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Energy Saver Program
  • NSW IPART Energy Savings Certificates (ESC’s)
  • AusIndustry Clean Technology Investment Program
  • AusIndustry Innovation Fund
  • Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEEC’s)
  • Victorian Sustainability Victoria Program

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