Academy Sheetmetal


Annual Savings

$3000 + GST
14.7 tonnes CO2



The building was a newly acquired property which required minor renovations to bring it up to the standards and space type required by Academy. Lighting was old with a combination of 400W High bays & 500W Lamps. The lights were poorly positioned with only 7 out of 18 lights mounted to the ceiling with zero exterior.


We identified the opportunity to reduce the sites electricity consumption and reposition them appropriately – 8 rows of 2 and 2 light moved to the exterior front and rear.

  • 16 x 100W LED High Bay Lights (replacing 18 – 400W & 500W units)
  • 2 x 90W LED Flood Lights (Added to the exterior)


  • NSW IPART ESC’s provided partial funding of approximately $11,000 + GST
  • Return on investment under 9 months
  • The LED technology has dramatically improved overall light quality
  • The lighting layout has significantly improved light availability and consistency.

I found the partnership very efficient and helpful. The bonus was the cost and improvement in the lighting which really made the newly acquired building usable and obviously more sustainable. I would highly recommend any business to take the opportunity offered with this assistance from the team at Energy and Carbon Solutions Pty Ltd. It really is from a business sense a “no brainer” not to take up this opportunity.

Greg Marks

Managing Director, Academy Sheetmetal