Austral Bricks




The Atlas Copco GA90C FF load/unload 90kW compressor was old and unreliable and had reached the end of its life. The load/unload control system was inefficient in managing the plant’s variable air demands across the production profile. Austral approached Energy & Carbon Solutions to redesign and build a new high efficiency compressed air system based on the success of previous compressed air projects.


Following a “Compressed Air Demand and Energy Survey”, Energy & Carbon Solutions installed a new BOGE SLF-125 (90kW VSD) frequency controlled compressor. This has the ability to ramp up and down depending on the flow profile of the plant. The BOGE SLF-125 was selected due to its high quality German manufacture, direct drive system (which is important for reliability in the dusty conditions), and the energy efficiency of the VSD control module.



  • The new BOGE SLF-125 achieved energy savings of over 35% compared to the previous compressor
  • NSW IPART ESC’s contributed $12,000 to the funding of the project
  • The project payback is under 3 years.

Edwin and his team at Energy & Carbon have been a pleasure to work with, right through from planning, implementation and follow up. Energy & Carbon will be highly considered for involvement in any future efficiency projects that we undertake.

Andrew Barham

Plant Manager, Austral Bricks