CQMS Razer


Annual Savings

$13,000 + GST
71.3 tonnes CO



The business was looking at smart ways to reduce energy consumption whilst improving general light quality, as the site utilised 20 flood lights internally for additional light.


We identified the opportunity to use high efficacy LED technology to improve the overall lighting quality required by the high bay lights to minimise the reliance of the internal flood lights.

  • 56 x 100W LED High Bay Lights
  • 32 x 90W LED Flood Lights


  • NSW IPART ESC’s provided partial funding of approximately $40,000 + GST
  • Sites energy consumption was reduced by over 17% by reducing factory lighting by 76%
  • Return on investment – under 8 months
  • The LED technology has dramatically improved overall light quality to a point where the flood lights are not required as frequently, further increasing the saving.

This whole process was easy, start to finish. From the day the Grant came in and audited our needs, to the guys who completed the install. Every single member of the team was great to work with and completely respectful of our operating processes, especially in regards to adhering to our extensive safety processes and procedures. Energy & Carbon Solutions are an extremely professional outfit who have managed to save our company output in running costs and improved our facility without a single disruption.

Matt Brown

Operations Manager, Tomago Perth