Tyree Industries


Annual Savings

$62,080 + GST
526.5 tonnes CO2



  • Lighting contributed approximately 20% of the site’s electrical consumption
  • The site was dark, with the old lighting being unreliable and expensive to operate


  • Tyree identified the opportunity to improve working conditions for their employees while reducing operating costs and carbon footprint
  • Over 2 stages, the existing Metal Halide High Bays and Flood Lights were replaced with Induction technology:
    • 257 x 150W Induction High Bay Lights (Replacing 400W Units)
    • 12 x 150W Induction Flood Lights
    • 25 x 80W Induction Flood Lights


  • By utilising the NSW IPART ESC Funding, the site had a very short payback for a significant improvement on site.
  • Electricity costs reduced by approximately 10%
  • Project saved Tyree Industries over $62,000 + GST per annum
  • NSW IPART ESC’s of $105,992 + GST partially funded the project
  • Tyree only contributed $17,820 + GST
  • Simple project payback of less than 4 months