Australian Urethane and Styrene


Annual Savings

$92,626 + GST
416 tonnes CO2



Motion sensors installed in all the lights to turn the lights off when the area is not in use. Client happy with the lux levels and energy savings.


A 99.6 kW solar system was installed on the roof, including top rated solar panels and inverter technology, Q Cells and SMA Inverters with a proven track record. We also installed a full lighting solution to bring energy consumption and costs down:

Solar Upgrade Project

  • 357 x Q Cells Q Pro 4 280W PLUS
  • 4 x SMA TL25000 Inverters

Lighting Upgrade Project

  • 172 x 100W LED high Bays
  • 32 x 80W LED High Bays
  • 9 x 90W LED Flood Lights
  • 3 x 50w LED Flood Lights

LED Sensor Project Upgrade

  • Motion Sensors with Dimming for High Bay Lights


  • $75k + GST Partial funding provided by Small Technology Certificates
  • $26k + GST Partial funding provided by NSW IPART ESC’s
  • 3.4 Years simple payback period
  • Cash flow positive result by end of Westpac CEFE 10 year lease