Pepe’s Ducks


Annual Savings

$27,000 + GST
151 tonnes CO2



The objective of the project was to provide additional electricity on site with the need for a major electrical supply upgrade. The installation of the 100kW solar system was able to avoid the capital. On most days during peak production, the solar PV system produces almost all the electricity for the site (see monitoring report in bottom right) with a the small grid connection allowing the supply of additional requirements during the day and at night.


A 99.6 kW solar system was installed on the roof, including top rated solar panels and inverter technology, Q Cells and SMA Inverters with a proven track record.

  • 357 Q Cells Q Pro 4.1 280W Solar Panels
  • 4 SMA TL25000 Inverters


  • $700k + GST Avoidance in Capital Expenditure for Electrical Upgrade
  • $74k + GST STC rebate
  • Almost independent on the grid in peak periods
  • 151 Tonnes of C02 saved annually
  • 90% Grid independence during the day