Downer EDI Rail – Auburn


Annual Savings

$16,413 + GST
139 tonnes CO2



An Ultasonic Compressed Air Survey was undertaken at the Downer Auburn Maintenance Centre (AMC) to locate, tag, report and quantify the compressed air leaks across the system.


Using the latest in Ultrasonic technology, Energy & Carbon Solutions was able to identify the following outcomes. The current system utilises two (2) Champion CSF 18 Compressors (18kW, 108 CFM) in a duty and standby configuration. The compressors have recently been overhauled with new airends, which should extend the life of the machines by 5 years plus. It was found that over 70.7% of one of the air compressors was being lost in 25 air leaks, equating to operational savings of $ 16,413 per year in energy and over 139 Tonnes of Carbon.



  • 25 Leaks identified
  • $16k + GST annual savings
  • 70% Percentage of Peak Compression Capacity being lost through leaks
  • Now that the leaks have been identified, the compressors can be brought back to peak efficiency.