Downer EDI Rail – Newport


Annual Savings

$101,837 + GST
1015 tonnes CO2



The client sought to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency across the site.


In the initial assessment, we determined that the current system was massively oversized for the needs and use of the plant. It was costing $135,195+GST per annum to run, and was extremely inefficent. The solution was to replace the exisitng 8.3 Sullair LS-150 compressors with 3 x new BOGE SCF-61 45kW units, resulting in a 75% reduction in energy consumption and assosciated costs. 5 years after installing the BOGE compressors, we returned to complete a Leak survey and identify areas where pressure had been lost. We found 112 leak points which were contributing to an increase in energy consumption and loss of efficiency.



By changing to a more appropriately sized system and performing a maintenence leak survey we were able to save the client over $101,837+GST annually, resulting in an energy  usage reduction of over 90%.

  • 90% Reduction in energy consumption
  • 112 Leaks identified and fixed