Annual Savings

$23,400 + GST
160 tonnes CO2



OJI had an installed Atlas Copco GA75VSD  (75kW) that failed the airend, and an unreliable Compare L75S (75kW) which both ran together inefficiently.  With poor reliability during summer, no back up system in place and following the failure of the Atlas Copco, Energy & Carbon Solutions was engaged to improve the efficiency, reliability and operating cost of the compressed air system.


Energy & Carbon Solutions identified the problems with the system and redesigned the compressed air system with the solution in mind.  The Atlas Copco GS75VSD was replaced with a new ELGI EG75V compressor with VSD controls but rated for 50oC ambient conditions.  A new ELGI EG45 (45kW) compressor was installed as base load allowing the old Compair to be retained and create a back up solution for the plant.  A new dryer and filtration system was installed to replace the old undersized Compair dryer and rated for 45oC conditions, allowing dryer compressed air to provide dry compressed air to the plant in all weather conditions.



By sequencing the compressors properly and allowing the VSD to control the system, the average energy consumption dropped from 132kW to approximately 82kW and saving over $ 23,400 + GST in electricity.  A one off saving of not rebuilding the Atlas Copco of $30,000 was also achieved.