Whittaker Contracting




  • The lighting at Whittaker Contracting has previously been an issue
  • Regular maintenance required due to the long hours of operation


  • Replaced 29 x 400W Metal Halide lighting
  • Installed 29 x 200W Renewtech Induction High Bay Lights with daylight controls


  • The improvements in light quality and reliability have been significant through the workshop

The new Induction lighting from Energy & Carbon Solutions has not only halved our energy costs associated with lighting for the facility, but has also increased light levels for our workshop. The difference has been significant and I am delighted with the outcome. The fact that the project was significantly offset by the NSW IPART ESC’s meant that the project had a payback period on only a few weeks. Edwin and the team from Energy & Carbon Solutions have been a delight to work with.

Brendan Parish

Whittaker Contracting