Maxwell Engineering


Annual Savings

$4000 + GST
43.7 tonnes CO2



Lighting contributed to approximately 21% of the site’s electrical consumption. The existing mercury vapor lights were old and produced poor light to the factory.


We identified the opportunity to reduce the electricity consumption for the site’s lighting by replacing the existing High Bays & Floods using modern LED technology:

  • 27 x 100W LED High Bay Lights (replacing 400W units)
  • 2 x 90W LED Flood Lights (replacing 400W units)


  • The total site’s electricity costs were reduced by approximately 16%
  • NSW IPART ESC’s provided partial funding of approximately $12,000 + GST
  • Return on investment under 10 months
  • The LED technology has dramatically improved light quality

As you can see by the photo the led lighting has transformed the area from a dull yellow to an almost daylight environment. This has stopped the need for additional spotlights, which the operators have been utilising due to poor lighting. It has reflected in cost savings, not only for the running of the lights, but removing the need for costly spotlights and time wasted looking for them.Irrespective of the cost saving in running the lights, the difference alone in the light levels more than compensates for any costs involved. Grant, I thank you and your team for this amazing transformation and as you have experienced already I am more than happy to recommend your service to anyone.

Ross Bolth

Managing Director, Maxwell Engineering